Benedictine monastery Disentis Pendulum lamps
When silence serves the design

In the course of the renovation and new lighting of the monastery church of St. Martin, the desire arose to also replace the wrought-iron pendant lights in the adjacent gate and cloister corridor, thus rounding off this area, which had already been renovated in 2014, in terms of design and technical updates. Martin designed a series of pendant luminaires for the two room situations on his own initiative. The monastery community, architect and other decision-makers supported the design series with interest from the very beginning. The new lamps were to blend in respectfully with the historical heritage and yet be strong in form and symbolism, as a contemporary translation that serves silence and celebrates the sacred. 

The high-quality brass luminaires were handcrafted by Martin and, where necessary, supplemented with high-precision CNC milled parts. The luminaires are controlled via DALI, dimmed according to the amount of daylight available and switched by a timer.

After completion and inauguration of the new lighting in the gate corridor, Martin further developed the design series. Since then, the luminaire family has been marketed under the name UNION by Martin Nievergelt and the design has been nationally and internationally registered.

Handcrafted production